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SB3 Web Design - Our Story

SB3 Web Design opened it's door and started out as a small firm in 2000, mostly doing band websites, then slowly started getting bigger and branching out to music festivals, then small business and online stores. Today SB3 is still a small firm, based in Marion, Indiana, and we have the ability and the desire to service a wide variety of clientele, growing our business while expanding yours. Our website designs come fully optimized for optimal search engine rankings. Increase your search engine visability on Google, Yahoo and Bing to bring in new business!

SB3 Web Design - Why Choose Us?

The goal of SB3 Web Design is to provide website design and management services to our customers at below industry pricing, while attaining a reputation for quality work.

SB3 Web Design - Mission Statement
We help our customers stay ahead of the curve by using the power of the internet.

Our firm stays up-to-date on the newest technology and put our knowledge to work for you.

With this credo, SB3 Web Design will continue to set a standard of excellence that will meet all of your website needs.

SB3 Web Design is competing in the web design industry.
We prosper due to our dedication to the one-on-one approach to service.
We work side-by-side with our clients and offer all the services you will need to get your website online and noticed by your customers.
SB3 offers other services such as graphic design, ecommerce help, and search engine optimization.

SB3 Web Design uses the right templates to ensure client satisfaction and that all sites reach their full potential.
But for those who don't favor the idea of a pre-designed website, SB3 can also create custom website to suit your needs.
It is SB3's goal to ensure that the best website is produced so that the needs of both the client and the client’s customers are satisfied.

SB3 will partner with you to build your company's web presence, grow your business and attract new customers.
We'll be there to help you every step of the way from price quote, to web design completion.
Through our one-on-one help, you can be assured your website will:

•Build trust and confidence in what you offer

•Get noticed by your target audience

•Turn your visitors into customers

•Convince people to read, buy or subscribe

•Streamline internal and external communications

•Increase productivity, internal and external

•Save businesses money with professional web design, development and implementation

We deliver the respect and dependability you and your business demands.

SB3 Website Design Marion Indiana

SB3 Marion Indiana Web Design

SB3 Web Design Marion Indiana

SB3 Marion Indiana Website Design

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SB3 Web Design Portfolio SB3 Web Design Portfolio SB3 Web Design Portfolio
SB3 Web Design Portfolio SB3 Web Design Portfolio SB3 Web Design Portfolio
SB3 Web Design Portfolio SB3 Web Design Portfolio SB3 Web Design Portfolio
SB3 Web Design Portfolio SB3 Web Design Portfolio SB3 Web Design Portfolio